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Donald Trump, John Wayne and Jesus

How did Donald Trump become a hero for so many white evangelical Christians?

Navigating Uncertainty with Young People

How are young people navigating uncertainty? What does faith have to do with their ability to flourish?

Journeying with a Death Doula

What is a death doula and how can they be vital partners in helping people come to terms with their imminent deaths? How do we grapple with collective traumas and grief in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic?

Theology and Mental Health

What kind of theology would come to the forefront if we allowed the voices of those with mental health challenges to lead the discussion?

Money and Mission

What if churches and ministries discovered they have more assets than they realize? What if the church could reimagine how to use its resources?

A Vision for Disability and Ministry

What are the ways that we as a church can learn from people with disabilities?

How Migration Molds Faith

What are the dynamics shaping the role of immigrant churches in the United States? 

Radical Love

How might pastors lead multicultural congregations so that the people and their ministries flourish?

Welcome to Season 6

Welcome back to The Distillery for Season 6! Join our new host Sushama Austin-Connor and guest host Shari Oosting for conversations with theological scholars and ministry leaders about how their work intersects with a life of faith.

Overshadowed by the Spirit of God

What would it mean for preachers to reclaim the full humanity of preaching by moving out from under the shadow of false ideals and be overshadowed by the Spirit instead?

Relevance to Resonance

How does the modern world make it difficult to concretely encounter the living presence of God?

The African American Interpreter and Paul

What is the African American biblical interpreter to do with the letters of the Apostle Paul?

Truth Seeker

Is it possible to be a catalyst for good with a shaken faith caused by witnessing injustices in the world?

The Gift of Augustine

Ambition, existential angst, hunger for belonging, and the life of faith as a refugee’s journey. What might an early church father and theologian have to say about the most pressing matters for today’s Christian?

Agents of Redemptive Interruption

Can Sunday’s sermon inspire those in the pews to be agents of redemptive interruption in their own Monday-to-Saturday lives?

Finding Joy in Sorrow

Angela Gorrell’s work focuses on all things connected with joy—what it is, how it differs from happiness, and how it can exist alongside sorrow. 

Wounds of the Soul

How do you preach in a way that is mindful to those who have experienced trauma?

On the Move with God

What is God already doing, and how might we enter into that work?

Fostering Hope

How can we foster hope and expectation for the future in the minds of urban youth?

Welcome to Season 5

Welcome back to The Distillery for Season 5! Join co-hosts Dayle Rounds, Sushama Austin-Connor and Shari Oosting for conversations with theological scholars and ministry leaders about how their work intersects with a life of faith.

Joy Riders

Delighted: What Teenagers Are Teaching the Church About Joy is a new book written from the unique perspectives of four authors, Kenda Creasy Dean, Justin Forbes, Wes Ellis and Abigail Visco Rusert. In this episode, the authors offer their fresh approaches towards youth ministry, reimagined through the lens of joy. We discuss looking at joy not as the end goal of youth ministry, but the beginning, and are reminded that joy only comes from experiencing how God delights in us.

Expressions of Faith

Katherine Douglass discusses her book, Creative in the Image of God: An Aesthetic Practical Theology of Young Adult Faith, and shares her findings on the role art plays in helping young adults encounter God, opening up new horizons for religious formation.

Against All Odds

n this episode, Greg Cootsona argues against the idea that science and faith are at odds with one another and discusses ways to bring them together into dialogue.

Turning the Table

In this episode, Dr. David Stubbs, Professor of Ethics and Theology at Western Seminary, traces the central meaning of the Lord's Supper out from the worship of the Jersulam temple into Christian worship.

Power Play

Creative expression can be a powerful aid in helping to move across differences. Learn how modes of play can be used as a pedagogical resource for theological education and how engaging in embodied experiences and cultural expressions are seen and valued.

Living Out Loud

Khristi Adams shares her profound encounters with young black girls in her book, Parable of the Brown Girl: The Sacred Lives of Girls of Color” in which she lifts up the stories of young black girls so that they can be heard and honored.

Surplus Grace

Cynthia Rigby discusses how various understandings of particular doctrines play out in relation to the way we live our lives, and how faith never lets us go because it is an overflow of the unconditional love of God.

Giving Voice to Diversity

How can Spanish-speaking and English-speaking Christians sing together in a way that expresses the beauty of both the diversity and unity of the church? In this episode, Maria Cornou talks about engaging diversity within a congregation and how the bilingual hymnal can be a bridge to express unity.

Redemption and Radiohead

In this episode, Shari Oosting talks with Robert about his book, All These Things Into Position: What Theology Can Learn from Radiohead. Robert explores what it might mean for Radiohead to “soundtrack” a theology of defiance against the forces that create death in our daily lives.

Reimagining Racial Reconciliation

Dr. Chanequa Walker-Barnes helps us name the racially-divided world we are in and provides us with a womanist framework to construct a theology of racial reconciliation.

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